The passenger was drinking a liter of vodka and threatened to smash the faces of the flight attendants


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The passenger of easyJet threatened to break the flight attendants face after he got drunk in flight. About it reports “Interfax”.

20-year-old student donika brown was on the flight from Barcelona to Liverpool. According to witnesses, the girl drank a litre of vodka for 40 minutes after takeoff, and then started screaming at her boyfriend.

Then the girl was asked to leave in the tail part of the liner. She agreed, but then returned to his seat and continued showdown with a partner.

Then the flight attendants tried to calm her, to which brown threatened to break their faces. The girl managed to calm down, only when members of the crew said to turn the plane around.

After landing, brown was arrested by the police, deboshirki had to appear before the court. She was fined £ 50 and ordered to pay £ 30 compensation to the passengers of the plane.

Earlier in March, the passenger of Portuguese carrier TAP was known as the worst in history after he got drunk and staged a brawl on Board the aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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