Vice-President of the USA has accused of harassment


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A former member of the Assembly of Nevada, Lucy Flores, has accused former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden in the harassment. She wrote about this in an article for the publication the Cut.

According to her statement, the incident occurred in 2014, during a public event. “I felt, as he came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. I froze — why the Vice-President to do with me?”, writes Flores.

After that, Biden sniffed her hair, “I was upset I didn’t wash the head, and Vice-President of her sniffing. And, by the way, what the fuck? Why the Vice-President of the United States sniffing my hair?”. Then, says Flores, a politician kissed her neck. The shock nothing she could do or say, and wanted to sink into the ground. Fortunately, she was called on stage and she was able to leave.

In 2014, she was 35 years old, Biden is 71 years old.

On 4 March, the actress and former candidate for the US presidency, Roseanne Barr said he believes whores celebrities that support the movement against harassment #MeToo. According to her, famous women who “found themselves in hotel rooms men in three hours of the night, and made accusations against them, pretend that you didn’t try to exchange their sexual services for money”. She also suggested that celebrities put forward allegations of harassment for career growth.

Flashmob #Мetoo, the members of which survived the violence and sexual harassment, was launched on social networks in the fall of 2017. Shortly before this Hollywood actress accused of harassment producer Harvey Weinstein. In Russia and other former Soviet countries in 2016 held a flash mob #Aboussafy, participants told me how he suffered from the harassment.

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