Vocalist The Prodigy buried under a massive fun of the fans


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Henry Nicholls / REUTERS

The vocalist of British group The Prodigy Keith flint was buried in Braintree County Essex. About it reports Reuters.

The funeral was attended by only close the flint people, but the service is broadcast through speakers on the street.

The funeral ceremony was accompanied by the fans, who at the request of the group came “to have fun and make some noise” in honor of the deceased. Everyone who came to pay tribute to the star Firestarter, offered free of charge applied the makeup on the face and also apply tattoos.

Horse hearse was decorated with bright orange flowers with the words “Keef” and “Chief” (“whale” and “Home”). The coffin was decorated with fluorescent green microphone flint and elegant arrangement of white and red roses.

The body of the flint was found on March 4 in his home in Dunmow. It was noted that the cause of suicide could become depressed because of the divorce with his wife Mayumi Kai, better known as DJ Gedo Super Mega Bitch.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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