Died developer of rocket launchers Nikolai Makarovets


www.vsyako.netNikolai Makarovets, 1995, godfat: Alexander Polyakov / RIA Novosti

The developer of systems of volley fire, the first Deputy of scientific and production Association “ALLOY” Nikolay Makarovets has died on 81-m to year of life. This was reported the website of the government of Tula region.

Makarovets died March 31 after a long illness. The head of the region Alexey Dyumin ordered to create the Commission on the organization of mourning.

“Nikolai was a unique man, a true patriot, scientist and developer. Their extensive knowledge, skill and hard work, he has directed the development and strengthening of the defense potential of the Motherland”, — said the Governor.

Makarovets was born on 21 March 1939. In 1962 graduated from the Tula mechanical Institute on a speciality “Engines of aircraft”, after which he worked in the NGO “Altai”. In 1985 he was appointed Director General of NPO “ALLOY”, where under his leadership was developed and produced jet systems of volley fire, including “Tornado”, “Tornado” and “Hurricane-1M”.

In 1993, he received the State prize of the Russian Federation for work in the field of converting from the production of artillery shells and MLRS shells. In 1996 he headed to TSU Department of “Launch and technical complexes of MLRS”.

March 29, Makarovets was awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland” I degree for outstanding contribution to the development and creation of new special equipment, and strengthen the defense of the country.

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