In Germany, spoke about the causes of the crisis in NATO


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Irina Kalashnikova / RIA Novosti

70 years after the creation of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) were in crisis. In relations between members of the organization of accumulated problems. In addition, the allies blamed Germany that its greed and failure to fulfill their financial promises to destroy the Alliance, writes the German magazine Der Spiegel.

Within the organization, the newspaper writes, there is a crisis: Turkey is gradually moving away from the allies to Russia, the Italian authorities “flirting with Moscow and Beijing.” A threat to the Alliance think the East Russia, in the South — migration and terrorism.

However, in the opinion of the author, the greatest danger for organizations is the problem of the United States with President Donald trump. He believes international organizations are redundant, and advisors hard to convince him not to doubt the usefulness of NATO.

Germany, according to the newspaper, had initially agreed to increase the defence budget to 2 percent of GDP, then it was about increasing to 1.5 percent by 2024, but then this goal came into question.

According to experts, the failure of the Berlin promises in the long term will have a negative impact on the capacity and solidarity in NATO. In addition, the experts as the worst-case scenario allow the US withdrawal from NATO in trump. However, as the newspaper writes, the allies blamed Germany, which in itself is absurd, since the organization was created after the war as the Union against German militarism, but at the moment the situation is such that security of Europe is threatened just restraint of Berlin.

As according to Der Spiegel, the deplorable state of the Bundeswehr turned Germany into a laughing stock. Besides Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke out against a permanent deployment of NATO units in Eastern Europe, citing a violation of the Treaty between Russia and the Alliance from 1997.

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