Saudi hackers accused of hacking phone of the richest man in the world


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Hackers, who worked in Saudi Arabia, hacked the phone of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. This was stated by a private consultant Gavin de Becker in his investigation on the portal Daily Beast.

According to Becker, the Saudi government wanted to hurt Bezos after he owned the newspaper the Washington Post has been actively illuminate the murder of journalist Jamal Hakuji.

“Our investigators and several experts came to the conclusion that most likely Saudi Arabia had access to the phone Bezos and received the personal information,” he said.

Becker notes that at the moment it is not clear, did the company American Media, which owns the publication the National Enquirer published pictures of Bezos with journalist Lauren Sanchez, about the hacking of the phone of a billionaire.

Personal photos the richest man in the world was published before he announced the divorce with his wife Mackenzie. Bezos initiated the trial in this case, which caused displeasure of the head of the American Media. Later it became known that the National Enquirer bought personal correspondence Bezos for 200 thousand dollars from his beloved brother, Michael Sanchez.

Hakuji went missing on 2 October 2018 on the territory of the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Turkey. The authorities acknowledged the death of a journalist only 18 days after his death. Crime was connected with crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud. The foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia assured that the heir, who journalists connect 15 suspects in the murder, was not aware of the operation.

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