The search for the killers of the journalist of Hakuji led journalists in the US


www.vsyako.netThe protest in Tunisia in connection with the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, held during his visit to the country, Prince Muhammad bin Culminate: Chokri Mahjoub /

Many members of the “rapid response team”, killed in October last year, columnist of The Washington Post (WP) Jamal Hakuji, were trained in the U.S. Tier 1 Group, licensed by the State Department. WP writes about this with reference to associated with the source.

The publication notes that the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia have not improved, although it’s been six months since the killing of Hakuji after visit to Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul. As has told to the newspaper sources, the intelligence cooperation of the two countries is almost frozen, waiting for US from Riyadh answers to questions about the journalist’s death.

The main remain the same questions as in October 2018, when killed journalist: “How was trained and supervised by the Istanbul strike group, which conducted the operation?” “What role in the killing played by the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud and his aides?” “What new control measures can be taken in Riyadh and Washington to such a terrible murder of a journalist is never repeated?” Answers not yet, highlights WP.

Saudi Arabia is still not officially explained how and why he was killed by the browser. However, the newspaper said, Saudi and American sources began to reveal new information about the people and events associated with the visit of Hakuji in Istanbul.

The newspaper points out that Washington demands from Saudi Arabia for some explanation of the role of the heir to the throne Prince Mohammed bin Salman al-Saud. In the United States do not exclude that it is a new version of Saddam Hussein. The newspaper also recalled that currently in the country awaiting trial 11 civil activists.

In addition, the newspaper mentions the Israeli company NSO Group, which develops software for hacking mobile phones. It was noted that its development used to hack into phone Hakuji. The company, as the newspaper notes, also reviewed the relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Hakuji disappeared October 2, 2018, following a visit to Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul. He went there to obtain documents that would help him to get a divorce and remarry with the Turk. Turkish media, citing sources in law enforcement and investigative agencies reported that the authorities have proof that Hakugei was brutally tortured in the building of the Consulate, and then killed. The Turkish government newspaper Yeni Safak, citing audio recordings confirming the massacre at the Consulate, reported that in the process of torture the journalist cut off the fingers, and in the final head. For the same record has been made by other media, but the Turkish authorities did not present them to the public.

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