The US has threatened Russia payback for the support of Maduro


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Russia may “pay a high price” for supporting the regime of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. This broadcast by CNN, said the US special envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams.

According to him, Washington will not leave without attention of Moscow and Havana, which act as the main supporters of Maduro. “None of the senior officials in the administration [of U.S. President Donald trump] no doubt that we will make them pay for it,” he said.

Also, the US special envoy in Venezuela had expressed doubt that Maduro will remain President during the year. “I doubt very much that a year later we are going to talk about it,” said Abrams. He said the President will leave his post when he and his entourage consider that “their time”, or when to dismiss Maduro will think military.

March 29, Abrams said that the U.S. can impose sanctions on Russia because of the support of Venezuela. He stressed that the restrictive measures may affect the Russian economy, and their possible variants are already on the table Secretary Mike Pompeo.

March 27, trump demanded that Russia “get out” from Venezuela. Later in Moscow pointed to the legitimacy of Russian military presence in Caracas. The US President said he plans to discuss the situation with the leaders of Russia and China.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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