Zelensky called idiots supported him Russian actors


www.vsyako.netVladimir Zilinskaite: RIA Novosti

The presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky publicly disown support for the Russian actors. It is quoted by “Ukrainian truth”.

“Idiots. Why they did it at all?” — Zelensky said in an interview. The politician expressed confidence that the Russian actors have recorded a video message in support of it for the money.

Video actors Mikhail Porechenkov and Ivan Okhlobystin appeared online on March 29. In one of the clips they reason that if Zelensky will win the presidential election, “will they should.” After that, they exchange the phrase “Crimea is ours!”, “Glory to Ukraine!” and “All ours!” and shouting “Just Zelensky!”.

In another publication Porechenkov and Okhlobystin say they are going to support Zelensky for corporate ethics, and want to discuss his nomination to fight in the Donbass writer Zakhar by Prilepine. Then the actors assume that Zelensky will offer them high posts in gratitude for the support after winning the election. Porechenkov says that he wants to become defense Minister and party Patriarch.

In January 2015, the security Service of Ukraine announced Porechenkov wanted. In the fall of 2014, the actor arrived in the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic at the premiere of the film “Poddubny”. After this trip in the Internet appeared the video, where the actor is shooting from a heavy machine gun in Donetsk airport.

In December 2014 the government of Ukraine has banned films with the participation of Okhlobystin after he visited Donetsk and expressed support for the self-proclaimed DND and LNR. In 2016 he became a citizen of the DNI.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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