Zuckerberg called for more effective legal regulation of the Internet


www.vsyako.netMark Tsukerbergom: Francois Mori / AP

The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg called on the authorities to play a more active role in the legal regulation of the Internet. His appeal was published in the Washington Post.

According to Zuckerberg, the improvement of the legal norms and active participation by regulators will help to keep the Internet freedom of expression, promote the creation of new products, as well as “to protect society from harm”. He stressed that the regulation most in need areas such as harmful content, campaign, privacy, and data mobility.

“It is impossible to eliminate all malicious content from the Internet, however, when people use dozens of devices to transmit data, each of which has its own rules, we need a more standardized approach,” said Zuckerberg.

Besides, the businessman noted that working online companies needs to be responsible for the observance of the standards relating to harmful information. “It’s time to update rules to determine the scope of liability for people, companies and governments in the future,” he concluded.

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