The optimal frequency of washing jeans


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The staff of the American brand Levi’s have made recommendations regarding the frequency of washing jeans. Their words lead Independent.

According to experts, there is no need to wash jeans often enough to do it once a month. “When jeans were invented in 1873, they were worn by the workers and miners of the American West. Thus, denim is strong and durable, it does not need to be washed as often as many people think. In addition, you save water and energy,” explained one of them.

In addition, representatives of the company told about the optimal conditions of washing denim items. “Turn them inside out, put it in the machine with other clothes of dark colors, and switch to cool temperature. Use a liquid cleanser, but without bleach”, — suggest Levi’s.

In October 2018 the British edition of Daily Mail said about the easy way to smooth clothes without an iron. It is necessary to put dry things in the dryer, pour in a drum a few ice cubes and enable drying. In the heating process of the ice formed water vapor, which stripped the fabric, allowing the creases and the folds to straighten.

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