The man demanded to specify the weight of women in Tinder and regretted


www.vsyako.netPhoto: John Gress / Reuters

The man asked the Dating app Tinder to oblige women to enter your weight. In a post on Reddit he said that he knew of cases where girls were duped satellites, trying to hide her figure before a personal meeting.

“I guarantee they ain’t gonna do shit about the guidance of weight women. I have friends who were cheated out of weight,” he wrote.

According to the user, he has nothing against fat women. “They just don’t appeal to me. And it’s okay if a woman is not attracted to me, because my height is 175 centimeters,” he added.

Not all commentators supported this proposal. Many users considered that the application for Dating the best solution is to specify and height and weight, both men and women. “There is no discrimination for anyone. No complaints from anyone. And if anyone lie, it’s definitely not someone you should be together”, — concluded one of them.

The man had made such a proposal once the Tinder has announced a verification process growth in men. The news comes ahead of the first of April, so many users were convinced that it was a joke from the developers of the application. Tinder later confirmed that the announcement was actually an April fool’s joke.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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