The first channel has covered genitals on rock image


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In the “bad egg notes” on the First channel slipped sexual characteristics male on the rock image. The episode was released April 7 and is available on the website of the TV channel.

In the second part of issue presenter Dmitry Krylov tells of the Rhodope mountains and mentions the cave the Devil’s throat in the South of Bulgaria. It is through this cave, according to Greek mythology, Orpheus descended into the underworld for his beloved Eurydice. During the story Krylov in the frame appears the petroglyphs with smeared the primary sexual characteristics.

According to radio station “Moscow speaking” on the First channel, the channel is not involved in the “censorship” issue. “It was a joke Krylov himself, he often jokes this way”, — was said on TV. However, the presenter assured that knows nothing about redaktirovanie image.

Krylov has been working in television since 1983. His program on the travel goes on the First channel since 1996. In it the presenter talks about their experiences from the different countries in which he traveled together with the crew program.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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