Microsoft was allowed to remove the flash drive without “safely remove”


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Windows 10 users can eject external drives without first clicking “safely remove”. On the page of the support site of the company with this information noticed by the Verge.

In the update operating system number 1809 (published in October 2018) the function of “quick removal”, which prevents damage to flash drives and external hard drives in case of sudden ejection device. This feature works by default on all computers received update.

It is noted that something similar was worked in the days of Windows 7, and holders have always been protected. However, the button “safely remove” still sits in the system tray, and Microsoft continues to inform about the necessity of this action before removing the stick.

In January, the company re-launched the automatic Windows update 10 October 2018 Update for all users. Previously, the program distribution update was interrupted because of the problems, like deleting all files from folder “Documents”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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