Thieves are prepared for a new war


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The release from prison of an influential kingpin Tariel Oniani (Taro) can initiate a new criminal war. Oniani is going to claim restoranbaden his authority and becoming a “thief in law No. 1”. On Tuesday, April 9, reports “Rosbalt”.

Environment Oniani tried to make it so that after his release he did not stay in the detention center, and was immediately deported to Georgia, a source told the Agency in law enforcement. From Georgia Oniani will fly to Turkey, where there is a large group of supporters. They already say “victory toast” and promise trouble for all the signatories “malyava” about decrowning of Oniani, writes “Rosbalt”.

“A kite” in 2009 was signed by dozens of mobsters, and yet they did not renounce their signatures, the thieves, the status of Taro invalid. He intends to assemble a gathering and invite signers or find a convenient excuse (e.g. that the document was signed without their consent), or to repent and be forgiven. Thus, he will take questions about his status and get a large group of allies, and then be able to assert claims at the place of “thief in law No. 1”.

For those who do not want to apologize and withdraw the signature, the hunt begins with beatings and shooting, the clan of Oniani may be followed by pre-emptive strikes. Will soon face the beginning of a new war crime, but it will affect foreign countries, primarily Turkey. To confront Tarot can Merab Gogia (“Melia”), and Gocha Alpaidze (“Alfacon”), writes “Rosbalt”.

Among the signatories of the “malyava” in Russia, “the prominent lawyer” by “Rosbalt” refers to Vasily hristoforova (Bob Voskrese). He may not go to the meeting under the pretext of possible arrest or solve the problems with Oniani through his Moscow buddies. As writes “Rosbalt” in Russia remained predominantly Slavic thieves in law (Tyurik, Siscan, Petrik, Aksen), which were far from the events with Oniani and will remain neutral. They have their own “favorite”, and, according to Agency sources, it is more likely that Zachary Kalash (Shakro Young) will regain the place of “thief in law No. 1”. While Oniani still need to get to Turkey, avoiding the path of arrest. For example, Spain is looking for him for creating a criminal Association and money laundering.

On 9 April it became known that he was released from prison. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison in July 2010 for kidnapping and extortion. Later the term was reduced to 9 years and 10 months.

Earlier it was reported that “thieves in law” in Russia ceased to communicate with each other due to the adoption of the law on criminal punishment for the individuals occupying the higher position in criminal hierarchy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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