A tourist stepped on an electric cable and died


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Karl-Heinz Spremberg / Karl-Heinz Spremberg

The Briton stepped on an electric cable and died while on vacation in Guatemala. This publication reports the Bristol Live.

26-year-old resident of Bristol Jason Lee was there with her friend hazel may Blacker in Central America at the end of December last year. However, the incident became known only now.

The tourists had rented an apartment through the online service Airbnb and wanted to walk on the roof of the house. Did not notice that stretch along the terrace, the cable was under tension, and stepped on it.

After that, the traveler fell from a height of three storeys and died. His body was taken to a local hospital. The doctors found that the Briton was electrocuted.

Later, the girlfriend of the deceased said that the couple planned to celebrate in the apartment for Christmas and was expecting to visit friends.

In February, a tourist died after falling from the roof of the Church in the suburb of surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia. 23-year-old traveler climbed by night to the Church of St. Vincent with friends. Doctors were unable to save the life of a tourist.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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