In the United States complained about the failed Alliance with field Marshal Haftarot


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The United States could support the field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot, however, did not do this due to a lack of a deliberate strategy in Africa and thus lost an important ally in the region. On Wednesday, April 10, according to Yahoo! News, citing former us officials.

As the portal notes, Haftar lived in the US for about 20 years (he fled there in the early 1990s, years after the break with the then head of Libya Muammar Gaddafi — approx. “Of the”) and he repeatedly stated that cooperated with the CIA and with the intelligence agencies of UAE, Egypt and Russia.

Retired Brigadier General don Bolduc, who led the formation of a special purpose of the African command of the US Armed forces from 2015 to 2017, told Yahoo! News that Haftar was “very reliable man” whom he could trust and who was ready to fight against militants of terrorist organizations “Islamic state” and “al-Qaeda” (both banned in Russia). However, according to Boldata, the U.S. government neither the defense Ministry nor at the level of the Department of state failed to appreciate the importance of cooperation with the Haftarot. “We had to support him just because he was ready to fight the enemy and did so very effectively,” — said the General.

He added that the US wanted to Haftar made under the national consensus government (NTC), which currently controls part of the territory of Libya, including the capital, Tripoli, and supported by the Americans. The field Marshal said he was willing to take such a step only in case of PNS in the future will give him the ability to control the country’s army, but he was denied. As a result, said Bolduc, because of the failed cooperation with the Haftarot, the U.S. is forced to curtail the terrorists, but also lose strategic influence in the region. “Russians support him [Haftarot] and the United States is nowhere to be seen”, — said the interlocutor Yahoo! News.

As explained by one of the former officials, who previously worked at the national security Council of the United States, such loss of United States influence is associated primarily with the lack of a clearly defined strategy. So, according to him, despite the fact that the American government conducted a significant number of military operations in the region, nor the administration of former President Barack Obama nor the administration of the incumbent Donald trump was not interested in formulating a coherent policy on the African continent. Most obviously, the source said Yahoo! News, like a political vacuum emerged in Libya, where the United States had to evacuate their military.

4 April the commander of the Libyan national army, Haftar declared the start of the offensive on Tripoli. 5 April it became known that the army of field-Marshal seized the airport in the capital. The military also took control of surrounding areas of Qasr Ben-Hashir and Souq al-Khamis.

In 2011, the Libyan civil war broke out. Was overthrown and killed Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who ruled the country since 1969. On the side of his opponents fought the forces of the international coalition, which includes France, USA, UK and other countries. Currently, Libya is in a situation of dual power: on the East in the city of Tobruk, seat of the Parliament in the West in Tripoli — the national consensus government.

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