Woman with a mirror arrangement of the internal organs survived for nearly a hundred years


www.vsyako.netRose Marie Bartlett: Courtesy of the Bentley Family / AP

American rose Marie Bentley lived 99 years with the wrong location of the internal organs. Her story told the Associated Press.

The pathology was discovered only after the woman’s death at autopsy. It turned out that all her internal organs, except the heart, were not where they usually are: on the other side of the body. In addition, blood vessels were also different from the usual.

This rare phenomenon — transposition of the internal organs in combination with levokardiey (the location of the heart in which its tip pointing to the left — approx. “Of the tape.ru”), often contributes to dangerous heart conditions, and other violations. However, in spite of serious pathology, Bentley lived to a ripe old age.

Most likely, the woman had no idea about his condition, and her family. According to the memoirs of her daughters Louise and Allie, the only one constantly complaining of health from Bentley was arthritis.

In January it was reported the Briton Hamish Robinson, a kidney which is due to unique mutations within his thigh. It is possible that the child is the only carrier of this disease.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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