Game barefoot passengers in business class was outraged fellow traveler


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @LAURLAKE112

Passenger American Airlines was indignant because fellow passengers in business class who flirted with each other, bare feet in flight. The girl published several images of the incident in social networks. Her posts drew attention to the publication the Sun.

The first picture of Laura lake shows how unfamiliar the passenger stroking his bare foot foot his companion, and the other pictures she’s on his lap. “Ticket in business class — one thousand dollars. Too many drinks before the flight — $ 100. Ointment for treatment of the disease, which they will get, if you go to the toilet barefoot, — $ 20. Games barefoot in business class — priceless!” — sarcastically signed pictures of the lake.

She also added that the front seated passenger was extremely dissatisfied with the fact that the lovers are putting feet on the back of his chair.

In March, drunken passengers came to blows on the plane, EN route to the Canary Islands, for bare foot women. The incident occurred onboard the airline Ryanair, flying from Glasgow to Tenerife. According to witnesses, the fight ensued after one of the passengers made a remark to the girl who walked through the cabin barefoot.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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