Kadyrov appealed to “Gazprom”


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The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov appealed to the company “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz terrible” with a request to write off the population of some debts for gas, “due to the current special circumstances.” About this he wrote on Thursday, April 11, in his Telegram channel.

He explained that the local branch of “Gazprom” six years has not conducted an inventory of assets and liabilities, although have to do it every year. Because of this, Kadyrov said, it is impossible to determine the exact amount of debts for gas, as well as debts that you cannot collect by law.

According to the head of the Republic, during the hostilities pipelines in the region was almost completely destroyed. “The gas was just gone nowhere, burned in giant flares arising when hit by bombs and shells,” — wrote Kadyrov.

He stressed the need for a thorough inventory, but noted that there is “another side to this case.”

“Worldwide, there is a practice of debt forgiveness, including the interstate. (…) Chechnya and its people hope that because of the special circumstances of the state and the company will go to meet them,” he concluded.

Earlier Thursday, the Supreme court of the Chechen Republic quashed the decision of the Zavodskoy district court of Grozny about the cancellation of debts of the population for gas for a total amount of 9 billion rubles. In mid-January, the court satisfied the claim of Republican office of public Prosecutor, demanding to cancel the debt. This necessity was explained by the growing social tensions.

The conflict in Chechnya broke out after the Soviet collapse in 1991. Then, in the region intensified separatist movement, formed the unrecognized Republic of Ichkeria, which had armed clashes between separatists and extremists with the Russian military. The heaviest fighting occurred during the First (1994-1996) and Second (1999-2000) Chechen wars.

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