Lifehack to save money angered viewers


www.vsyako.netFrame: CNBC

In early April, CNBC has posted on Twitter a video about how in a year you can save over $ 400 (about 26 thousand) in tips to the waiters and not to sound like a cheapskate.

In the video of new Yorkers are asked what percentage of account should leave to the employees of restaurants. The same question journalists asked the employee of the American Institute Emily Post, dealing with issues of etiquette. The results showed that visitors of the restaurant are inspired by the amount of 15-20% of the bill.

The audience was advised to calculate the tip is not from the final amount stated in the invoice (in accounts are three amount to tax, the tax rate and the amount from his account — approx. “Of the”), and just multiply by two the tax.

If the order is $ 100 (almost 6.5 thousand rubles at the current exchange rate) and the total amount including tax in an 8.875 percent 108,88 dollar (more than 7 thousand rubles), the waiter should leave 17.76 dollar (1145 rubles). If you pay 20 percent of the total, goes for a few dollars more expensive.

Life hack angry audience of the channel. “Don’t be a jerk. Can’t give a tip of 20 percent — do not go there,” protested Dusty Giebel. Another user, Tony Posnanski, said that if you want to save, is to give up desserts, not to mock the waiters, who earn $ 2-4 (130-258 rubles) per hour.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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