The bride has learned about pregnancy of the girlfriend and asked her to have an abortion


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The wearer of the network complained about her friend Kate (Kate), who demanded that she have an abortion on the eve of their wedding. According to the bride, the ceremony would be “smoother.” His revelation woman shared in a group in Facebook, the publication drew attention to the tabloid Daily Mail.

According to the author of the post, it happened about a year before the wedding. She found out she was pregnant and shared the news with a friend.

“I said to Kate, waiting for her joy, for me, isn’t it? And here and there. She immediately said I’m in stress trying to find a suitable dress bridesmaids”, she said.

In the words of the wearer, then the bride added: “don’t You think it’s better for you to have an abortion?” The woman claims that the bride insisted on surgery, and even persuaded his mother to convince her. However, she congratulated the bridesmaid and supported her decision to give birth.

As notes the edition, many users comments expressed surprise at such reactions of the bride. “I am for the possibility of abortion, but I am very concerned that someone may ask for an abortion only in order that the wedding went well,” said one member of the group. Another stressed that since the bride is an absolute evil.

In late March, a woman complained about a friend who required a Supplement to the wedding gift. The bride decided that the price of the gift received is much lower than the amount she spent on food and entertainment.

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