Canada called for increased NATO presence in the Black sea


www.vsyako.netJames Besante:

Member of the house of Commons of Canada James Bezan urged NATO members to increase its presence in the Black sea. He stated at the Kiev security forum, a live broadcast was conducted on YouTube.

According to Besana, the increased military activity of NATO in the Black sea should occur with the use of all available means, including submarines, which the NATO has in the Mediterranean sea.

“If there are conventions and agreements for participation in certain operations in the black sea we will do that. If not, then [President Vladimir] Putin will move further”, — said the representative of the Parliament of Canada.

Busan announced that the deputies of the Parliament already approved the delivery of lethal weapons to Kiev, including anti-tank missiles and small arms, and are now awaiting a final government decision. The MP believes that this will help Kiev to resist “Russian troops”.

In early April, NATO countries agreed to additional steps to support Ukraine and Georgia. The decision was made to help countries with the preparation of naval forces and coast guard, as well as increase the number of port visits and exercises, sharing of information, to ensure security in the region. In the South-Western part of the Black sea began joint exercises of NATO “Sea shield” (Sea Shield-2019). They participated ships and aircraft of the United States, Greece, Bulgaria, Canada, the Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, Georgia and Ukraine.

In response, the black sea fleet were put on alert in areas of carrying out of the NATO exercises and controls the actions of the ships of the Alliance for “a prompt response to potential emergencies”.

The Federation Council has reminded Kiev that the Ukrainian ships violation of the rules of passage through the Kerch Strait could spark a military conflict with Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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