Russia acknowledged for the first time to have discriminated against survivors of violence women



The UN Committee on the elimination of discrimination against women has recognized that Russia is responsible for the discrimination of the victim of domestic violence to the residents of Chechnya, Shema Timakovoy that the Russian court in the sentence of her ex-husband called to provoke the attack. This was reported on the website of the legislative initiative, which represented the plaintiff.

According to the decision, the Russian government failed to restore law Timakovoy as victims of domestic battering. She recommended to pay compensation. According to human rights activists, this is the first case of domestic violence in Russia, which the UN has recognized the state’s responsibility.

The Committee also recommended that criminalize domestic violence, to introduce a security of the order, to investigate all allegations on the basis of sex and to provide victims access to free legal and psychological assistance. In addition, the Committee recommends to ratify the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and to introduce to the security forces and judiciary officials with the document.

In 2009 Timakova husband was beaten with a shovel until he lost consciousness. He was found guilty under article 115 of the criminal code (“Causing of a little harm to health”) and imposed a fine of 15 thousand rubles. Timakova filed for divorce, shared house divided into two halves. She continued to live in one of them, and then ex-husband turned off the heating in its housing. The woman turned to the Chechen authorities for help, after which he twice struck her with an axe on the head with the words “I’ll kill you” and left to bleed to death.

Man accused of attempted murder, but the Prosecutor’s office asked court to retrain charge on softer: the infliction of grievous bodily harm in the heat of passion (article 113 of the criminal code) caused by the “immoral behavior of the victim.” Also, the Supervisory authority asked the court to deny the victim compensation for moral damages and medical expenses. The attacker was sentenced to nine months imprisonment and, subject to held detention time was released in the courtroom.

Timakova was subjected to harassment and was eventually forced to move.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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