Signal from space explained the birth of the anomalous object


www.vsyako.netImage: Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Astronomers at the University of Arkansas in the United States has recorded an unusual flash of x-ray radiation, which explained the birth of a Magnetar. The anomalous object was formed in the merger of two neutron stars. According to the calculations, the following events occur 20 times a year in outer space with a volume of one billion cubic light years. About it reported in a press release on

The researchers analyzed data collected from space x-ray telescope Chandra. They revealed a flash of x-rays in the galaxy, remote from Earth at 6.5 billion light years. The characteristics of the transient (changing the brightness of the object) were consistent with those observed in the merger of neutron stars, generating gravitational waves and gamma rays.

Scientists have ruled out other possible sources of x-rays and came to the conclusion that the outbreak gave rise to it is the collision of neutron stars. The evolution of the signal, which calmed down in a specific way, pointed to the formation of the Magnetar, the magnetic field energy which is spent for radiation.

Magnetar is a kind of neutron stars with a record according to the strength of the magnetic field. The diameter of these objects is 20-30 kilometers, but in the mass they exceed the Sun. An explosion on the Magnetar SGR 1806-20, remote from the Earth for 50 thousand light years, caused a relatively strong ionization in the upper atmosphere of our planet. Such processes can lead to failures in the spacecraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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