The company Kokorin and Mamaev forced beaten the driver to kneel


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During the court session on the case of players Pavel Mamayev and Alexander Kokorin presented the transcript of the remarks in the course of beating them Vitaly Solovchuk, the driver leading the First channel. On Friday, April 12, according to REN TV, resulting in fragments of the transcripts.

According to records with the car DVR, during the conflict, the players and their friends liberally used profanity. In court swearing is not read out, labeling them with the word “Mat”. In the beginning someone from the company asked the driver to kneel, to which he refused: “no, No, no knees, no knees.”

After that, the players and their friends began to wonder why the driver called them “roosters”.

— Hey-Hey, we can’t be right? Just you can now focus and tell me what kind (Mat) you said that we are the cocks? Just as you see fit, with some (Mat), you personally, what did we do? (…) Hands. You swear, man, I swear, no one will hurt you.

(the other person) — I love you (mate)!

— No, Sasha, no! Well, really, really.

(girl) stop, Stop!

— Well, you can’t touch him. Just the fact. Please tell me just why you said it? Why the man who lives in Peter — cock. Yeah, don’t touch it (Mat). Don’t touch him. Well, tell me, please, why? Come on, can’t touch you. Tell me why you say that? I swore. Swore. You no one else will touch. Just the fact. You think, why? (…) You can talk about the other children that we (Mat) are not, Hey? Do you know what cock? Do you even know? Understand who is the rooster? You seem like a nice person, you (Matt) in the shirt, you (Matt) go on the car, why should I?! About him said, this is my friend, my close friend.

Then someone from the company threatened the driver that if he will again call his brother, he’ll kill him.

(the other person) — If declared write… I have your rooms photographed. I personally (Mat)

Players Kokorin and Mamaev are defendants in criminal cases under articles “Hooliganism” and “Assault”. In October last year, they were the two instigators of the brawl in the center of Moscow. First, the athletes attacked the driver of TV presenter Olga Ushakova, and then beat an official of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Pack in one of the capital’s coffee shops.

April 3, Presnensky court of Moscow extended the arrest of Kokorin and midfielder “Krasnodar” Pavel Mamaev until September 25. The extension of the arrest was the third, the players are in jail from October 2018.

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