The man caught the eye of TV presenter and enriched in the name of good



The girl’s father, who died several hours after birth, managed to raise thousands of pounds for charity in one day due to the fact that its history accidentally discovered a famous British TV presenter Jake Humphrey (Jake Humphrey). This writes the newspaper Metro.

The journalist noticed a link to a crowdfunding site on the hoodie of the man who was sitting several rows below him on the stadium during the semi-finals of the FA Cup on football. Humphrey decided to see where it leads. So he learned that Ross Coniam (Ross Coniam) in the spring of 2018 had lost a daughter who died after nearly ten hours after birth. In her memory, Coniam started fundraising for charity back in December 2018, and during that time has collected a little more than three thousand pounds (about 252 thousand).

TV presenter admitted on Twitter that it was riveting Koyama, and urged his followers to help him. In two days they collected 27 thousand pounds (about two million 274 thousand). Even the journalist was surprised at such strength of social networks. “Only for a few minutes, the people sent Conemu hundreds of pounds. Unimaginable. Sometimes I hate Twitter… and sometimes I love him!!!” — he was delighted.

Coniam, called the incident a minor miracle and thanked the journalist. “It’s hard to imagine how it happened that I was sitting in this place, and he was right behind me. I can’t believe he not only read it but also interested,” said the man in the comments Metro.

The money collected, Conium plans to give to charities that help families who lost a child, and Fund research on the prevention of neonatal deaths.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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