Kadyrov called on journalists to resist the enemies of Russia


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Chechen media should improve the methods and style of his work in connection with the current information and political situation. This opinion following the meeting, shared with the journalists the head of the region Ramzan Kadyrov on Saturday, April 13, on his page in “Vkontakte”.

“Today, the enemies of Russia and Chechnya have adopted falsehood, slander, informational provocation, attempts to misinform the society and residents of foreign countries, blatantly distorting our reality,” — said the Chechen leader.

According to him, media representatives have to deal with “this evil” and if necessary, apply adequate “retaliation”.

Kadyrov stressed that, in particular, the cause of such provocations — in stability in the region and defeating international terrorism. “This is very worrying for those who are from abroad, invest huge amounts for doing the dirty ideological war with Chechnya and its people. Realizing that to defeat us humans, they took up the lies, rumors and slander”, — is spoken in the message.

The head of the region noted that he had instructed the head of the chgtrk “Grozny” Ahmed Dudaev to examine the current situation and to propose changes in the structural and personnel issues, as well as the content of the work.

In August last year, Kadyrov during a speech to employees of the local interior Ministry has proposed to prohibit the entry into Chechnya, the authors of “the New newspaper” that wrote the text about the attack of Chechen children to the police. Then he said “so-called human rights activists” engaged in “double-talk” and “writing papers in their offices.”

The editorial staff demanded in response from the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin to ban Kadyrov from entering the city. In his video, they reported that no “raids Kadyrovites” in the capital will be calm. In this Kadyrov reacted to the prosecution of journalists in “order” to destabilize the situation in the Republic.

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