Revealed the conditions of detention of Assange in a British prison


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Supermax Belmarsh, where he currently is the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, is used by the British authorities for the detention of terrorism suspects. It is reported Bloomberg.

According to the Agency, informed the facility was known as the British Guantanamo Bay (camp on the territory of the naval US base in Cuba, where persons accused by U.S. authorities of various crimes, in particular terrorism, and waging war on the enemy side — approx. “Of the”). There is at different times contained four accused in preparation of terrorist attacks on public transport London, and Abu Qatada, who was called the right hand of the leader of the banned terrorist organization al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden in Europe.

Currently, there are Bulmershe as prisoners with a low level of risk (potential relapse) and prisoners with the highest risk in the country — they are kept in a separate block. In addition, according to Bloomberg, currently in prison are also a few prisoners who require “special management measures” due to the riveted attention of the public.

According to the Agency, the prisoners of Belmarsh spend outside their cells is highly limited amount of time. Thus, almost half of the detainees said that may be out of prison less than two hours a week. The conditions of detention of Assange, if he is placed in a unit with a strict regime, can be even tougher — the inspectors ‘ reports, they were described as “extremely claustrophobic”. In particular, Bloomberg notes, such prisoners have no right to go to the gym and the library.

Lawyers for Assange this information has not yet commented. Representatives of the Ministry of justice and the Prosecutor’s office also refused to do.

That of WikiLeaks founder after his arrest, placed in jail “Belmarsh”, previously reported on April 13.

On 11 April, the Embassy of Ecuador has given Assange law enforcement agencies in the UK. The formal reason for his detention was that he was released on bail in 2012 and then did not appear in court, and the extradition request to the US, where Assange is being persecuted for the case of espionage.

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