Beaten on the specsearch the Government has set out to punish the guilty


www.vsyako.netMaxim Blinov / RIA Novosti

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov, who told the police that he was beaten on the special Parking for the evacuated cars in St. Petersburg, intends to achieve excitation of criminal case. On Sunday, April 14, according to a Telegram-channel radio station “Moscow Says”.

“I believe that the Ministry of internal Affairs of Petersburg have not tested properly yet. As the wrecker operate in tight conjunction with the traffic police, I can assume that the interior Ministry and will continue to insist on this,” said the MP.

He stressed that he supports the position of the prosecution, which believes that the current toll of evacuation contrary to Russian law. The MP added that the car was returned, but it was damaged gearbox.

In police of Petersburg radio station confirmed the conflict with Milonov officer spetsstavki. However, the question on excitation of criminal case has not been decided, said there.

A brawl involving Milonov has occurred because of the damaged vehicle. The press service of the parliamentarian said that in the evening of 13 April, his car was being towed for a Parking fine on Turukhtanny Islands. When the MP with a friend came to pick her up, found the car a few defects. According to him, it happened “because of improper actions of employees.”

According to some reports, the scuffle began when the Government decided to scare the officers impounded the certificate of the Deputy of the state Duma, however, in response to the administrator by the name of Bezmenov repeatedly struck the Deputy.

It was also reported that the Government has decided to go to the police after he was beaten several times by the senior administrator spetsstavki. Her staff claimed that the MP, along with a friend went to pick up the car Opel Corsa. However, the owner in possession of the identity card, when issuing a car was denied. It is argued that Milonov had not been beaten, he was caught in an automatic door closer.

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