Confirmed the existence of tunnels in space-time


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Physicist Daniel Jefferis (Daniel Jafferis) from Harvard University confirmed the existence of theoretically passable wormholes or wormhole connecting two remote from each other point of the Universe. However, the trip through them should take longer than in normal space. About it reported in a press release on

Jefferis showed that traversed the wormhole occurs between entangled on a quantum level black holes, and flying through wormholes similar to quantum teleportation, but it takes longer than movement of the light beam from one object to another “directly”. In addition, theoretically it is a special case of information extraction from a black hole.

According to one of the solutions to the equations of General theory of relativity, in black holes may form wormholes connecting different points of space-time continuum. However, it is believed that the origin traversable wormholes, i.e. a tunnel, which can move educational light speed a spaceship, you need exotic matter that creates a gravitational repulsion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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