Crime bosses have United against the coronation of the new kingpin


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Crime bosses, hidden after the adoption in Russia directed against the law intensified after learning about the meeting in Istanbul, where under the leadership of David Chkhikvishvili (Dato Surgut) was crowned Adham Samarkand. About it reports “Rosbalt”.

The gathering took place on 9 April. It was attended by Teymuraz Nemsitsveridze (Cripa), Roman Jafarov (Romik Kurd), Teimuraz Coraje (Aleko), Dogonadze Lasha (Lasha St. Petersburg), Vladimir Dzotsenidze (Valera Kutaisi), Gocha Jincharadze (Kursch). The latter refused to vote for adhama and spread the news about the coronation of Samarkand, and then the thieves began to discuss plans “punishment” for Dato, the newspaper writes.

Surgut vs United a variety of criminal clans: Roland Gegechkori (Roland Hat), Merabi, Sarala (Dwake), Nadir Salifov (Lot Guli), Tariel Oniani (Taro) and Merab Jangveladze (Merab Sukhumi), whose clan includes myself, David. In their opinion, the main reason for the wrongness of the act Surgut lies in the fact that he was present at the Yerevan meeting in 2015, where a decision was made to suspend new coronation due to the fact that thieves have become titles to random people. However, now Dato itself violated the moratorium and the decision of the Yerevan rallies.

In addition, many point to the “unworthy” kingpin life path adhama. In their opinion, Samarkand won the trust Dato, offering him and Crepe to participate in the protection of the businessman from Uzbekistan, who owed his compatriot to $ 50 million. Now the debtor is hiding in Turkey. In his defense, he is making significant contributions. The conflict continues to this day. There is another version according to which the Samarkand made by the thief in the law that in this conflict he was able to withstand equal bakhti Tashkent, standing on the side of the lender, said “Rosbalt”.

According to the Agency, Samarkand is an ethnic Iranian who grew up in Uzbekistan. To 2000 years, he professionally was engaged in Boxing, and then began to put girls in the UAE, where he later moved and was sentenced there on eight years for the beating. After his release, he met with the Sochi Petrograd — a gangster, who was crowned clan of the Tarot and Merab at the meeting in the UAE. They turned to petty extortion against immigrants from Central Asia. As things went bad, they moved to Turkey, closer to the influential “lawyer” Rovshan dzhaniyev (Rovshan Lyankoransky).

In 2016 Rovshan was killed by unknown assailants in Istanbul, then Adham joined the team of Nadir Salifov — enemy Lyankoransky. But realizing that Salifou any steps for the coronation of Adham does not intend to take, Samarkand decided to enter the close circle of friends Dato Surgut and Creepy.

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