Fans of “Dynamo” painted over the wall Tsoi graffiti memorabilia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @fcdm_official / Instagram

Fans of football team “Dinamo” painted on the wall of Tsoi in Moscow graffiti with symbols of the club. It is reported

The fans come on Stary Arbat before the match of 23 Matchday of the championship of Russia with “Krasnodar”. They wrote on the wall of Tsoi line from his song “Changes require our hearts”, performed in the signature blue and white colors of the club. The letter “D” repeated the logo “Dynamo”.

According to the publication, this way the fans protested against the club management. “We are tired of all the shit that accompanies our club. We want change not only in the game, the team’s results, and return to the home ground, but also want the club ran by professionals who think not only about their wallets, but also about the fate of the club and its fans,” said the fans.

Fans of Choi criticized the act of fans. The official account of “Dynamo” in Instagram published a post with graffiti which was a lot of angry comments. Users demanded to fine the club and ban the fans attending the next few matches.

In the spring of 2017, the Moscow authorities have decided to install surveillance cameras at the wall Tsoi. In addition, law enforcement officers were hourly to bypass the monument. These measures were designed to ensure the safety of the wall.

The Tsoi wall is a tourist attraction in Moscow, the wall of the house 37 on the street of Arbat, written and drawn all over fans of Viktor Tsoi and groups “Cinema”. The first inscription was made in 1990 and reads: “died Today Viktor Tsoi”. Soon came the reply: “Tsoi is alive”.

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