Nationalist Datsik lost the first fight after his release from prison


www.vsyako.netVyacheslav Detikhot: Mikhail Japaridze / TASS

The Russian fighter of the mixed single combats (MMA) and nationalist Vyacheslav Datsik lost a fight to a blogger Artem Tarasov. It is reported by RBC with reference to the organizer of “Russian marches” Dmitry Demushkin, who was present at closed battle.

According to him, the meeting of Datsik with Tarasov had a few dozen people, the organizers have taken all mobile phones. The official video will be published on April 16.

“Datsik was disqualified for illegal blows after three rounds of the fight. In particular, he allegedly started the fight before the judge’s signal,” — said Demushkin. He noted that Datsik eventually lost, but Tarasov could not stand up because of abdominal pain. Blogger needed the help of doctors.

The first battle Datsik after his release from prison, announced on 7 April. It was noted that his rival Tarasov weighs 70 kilograms less. According to the organizer, both athletes will receive royalties.

On account of Datsik was five wins and seven losses in MMA. In the asset Tarasova five victories and no defeats.

Datsik was released on February 26 in connection with the expiration of the limitation period in the case of the “March of the prostitutes”. In may 2016, he forced the employees and customers of a brothel in St. Petersburg to walk naked down the street. Nationalist tried to repeat a similar action in another public house, but was arrested and found guilty on three counts.

A soldier was convicted for a series of armed raids on salons of cellular communication in Petersburg. During the court proceedings he escaped from a psychiatric clinic, where he was sent for compulsory treatment, and illegally went to Norway, where he was extradited to Russia and sentenced to five years in prison.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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