Russians with low salary will make life easier


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Nina zotina / RIA Novosti

Russians with low wages may be exempt from payment of the tax to incomes of physical persons (NDFL). About this report “Izvestia” with reference to the tripartite Commission on regulation socially-labour relations (RTK).

The reduction in the tax burden will affect those residents who receive a salary at the level of the subsistence minimum. In 2019 its value is 11.2 thousand rubles. After payment of the personal income tax rate to 13 percent of the employee with the salary he receives at the hands of 9.8 thousand rubles, which is below the subsistence level.

In the RTC suggest that the income after deduction of personal income tax shall not be less than the minimum wage. Thus, to be exempt from the payment of tax may those Russians who receive about 13 thousand rubles.

Experts fear that the release of the Russians with low income from paying personal income tax would entail an increase in the number of “grey” salaries. Employers to conclude employment contracts for the minimum amount that will allow them not to pay taxes and the rest to give the employees in an envelope.

The Federation of independent trade unions reported that the consultation on the introduction of this measure have not yet been done, however, the discussion should take place in 2018-2020 in accordance with the master agreement between the government, employers ‘ associations and trade unions.

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