Stripper meme Ricardo Milos reached out and addressed the fans


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Brazilian stripper Ricardo Milos (Milos Ricardo), famous for rhythmic dance in a Thong with the American flag and bandana, reacted to rumors about his death. He left a message in the group HOT BRAZILIAN MODEL & ENTERTAINER on the Yahoo site dedicated to him.

On 9 April one of the users asked the group if alive a stripper. “How can I talk to him? I have a page about it in Facebook, and I’d really like to give news about him,” wrote the user.

On the same day, the group wrote to the man who introduced himself as Milos. He stated that he did not know where the rumors of his death, and hastened to inform fans that he is doing well. Milos lives in Fort Myers, Florida and has a 13-year-old son. The child learns in a school for gifted children, plays football, basketball and baseball, and was also preparing to master the saxophone.

“I was very busy with him and travelling… I came here to post this to STOP emails with the meme that had been illegally taken from a dance video made by me for the web site I got the money for that statement and signed the contract in which this material can only be used on” — said the hero viral video. He calls the use of the image of the video without permission Jock Butt illegal.

Milos was born in 1977 in Rio de Janeiro. He grew up in a foster family together with the brother. It is known that he graduated from the University of Miami in business direction. Glorified Milos video was posted on Jock Butt in 2010. In 2016, the network has sold a parody video. To dance Ricardo took the song Butterfly by Smile The wave of popularity came to him in 2018, when video dancer again became viral and inspired many memes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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