The blogger paid for the criticism of Feng Shui


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Blogger, criticized Feng Shui of an office building in Beijing, was sentenced to pay compensation and apology to the owner of the building. It is reported by CNN.

The author (his name is not mentioned) was convicted for an article published in November 2018 in the blog independent media company Zhuhai Shengun. In it, he advised all tenants of the office building Wangjing SOHO immediately to move out, because its location and layout does not comply with the principles of Feng Shui — the ancient Chinese science of how energy flows in space affect people’s lives.

Currently, the record is deleted, but CNN quotes a few quotes from it. “The roads around Wangjing SOHO form a large evil spirit symbolizing the conflict. In the building you can find all the taboos of Feng Shui. Companies that are located there, developing under the same scenario: first grow quickly, then weaken and rapidly declining”, — warned the tenants blogger.

As noted, few large companies who rent offices in the building are actually closed. Chinese canal Panda TV stopped working in March 2019, and the system of bike sharing Bluegogo went bankrupt in 2017.

The building owner sued the blogger, accusing him of causing damage to the reputation of Wangjing SOHO, and won the case. Now the author must pay the company 200 million yuan (about one million 900 thousand rubles) as compensation for losses in business and to apologize to the owners of the skyscraper.

Wangjing SOHO is a complex of buildings built by architect Zaha Hadid in 2015. It consists of three towers, the tallest of which reaches 656 feet (about 200 meters). As conceived by Hadid, the tower should resemble in appearance the ridge.

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