The blogger pretended to be a kidnapper just to experiment and got burned


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In Nizhny Tagil police detained Instagram-blogger, instsenirovalis kidnapping for a new movie, reports the local Agency “Between the lines”. The head of the press service GU MVD in Sverdlovsk region Valery Burnt RIA Novosti has confirmed the fact of detention.

According to “Between the lines”, 16-year-old Ruslan published in Instagram video, describing it as a “social experiment”. In it he and his friends staged a kidnapping, circling the car to a public place.

The teenager told the news Agency that the video was recorded on April 10 along with his friends. “The door opens, and out falls the man with bound hands. He runs to the people asking for help, but it again caught and thrown into the car,” explained the blogger, the idea of the video.

After several such episodes, someone from the witness of the “experiment” called the police. The city was declared the plan “Interception”. “I saw that behind us the police. They have not asked me to stop, but we immediately realized that it was for us, and therefore stopped. The police have works well, reacted quickly. Frames of the little prank, because we have seized the phone,” — said Ruslan. With the blogger interviewed in the police station.

Burned said that the man was brought to administrative responsibility. “Apparently, it’s like a magnet to more serious offenses”, — said the representative office. The press service added that an administrative or criminal case was initiated.

In mid-February 2019 the territorial Commission for minors tagilstroevskogo district of Nizhny Tagil Ruslan fined on 10 thousand roubles for shooting video with dancing on the main Avenue. The young man drew up a Protocol on administrative offense.

Earlier in the U.S. state of Florida YouTube-blogger Charlie Ross (Charlie Ross) was arrested for trying under the guise of police fined a woman with children for improper Parking. In 2014, the blogger was jailed four times for theft of road signs and battery.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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