The child fell from the sixth floor and survived


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In the U.S. city of Redmond, Washington, the boy accidentally fell from the window of the apartment located on the sixth floor, and survived. About it reports information portal KIRO-TV.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, April 10. According to police, a child who is a year and eight months, was in the bedroom alone, and his mother and brother and sister were in the next room. “The window was open. Most likely, the mother had aired the place,” said a police officer.

The boy fell on a parked car, which softened the blow. Car owner ed Lu (Ed Lu) said that Wednesday morning he decided to drive to work on motorcycle and car brand Mazda left in the yard. “We are all very lucky that today I went on the bike,” concluded Lou.

Doctors promptly arrived on the scene and gave the victim the necessary assistance. The child is in stable grave condition.

At the beginning of April in China, a little girl accidentally fell from the apartment window, located on the 26th floor, and survived. The footage from a security camera shows how a baby falls out of window high-rise building, hit the roof of the garage and lands on the Parking of motorcycles. After that the girl gets up and leaves.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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