The EU Council supported a threatening memes on the Internet reform


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The Council of the European Union approved a Directive on the strengthening of the regulation of copyright on the Internet. About it the press service of the mission of the organization from Romania said in his Twitter account.

Reform of copyright in the Internet on March 26, approved by the European Parliament. Its opponents fear censorship and a “tax on hyperlinks”, and the inability of the publication of such Internet formats like memes.

As planned by the legislators, it should be protect content creators. The proposed reform assumes that they will be able to control the dissemination of their works in major Internet platforms. The preparation of the document took more than two years.

Of particular concern critics raise two articles. The first one at number 17 States that are downloadable on websites and in social networks files must be exclusive (not to violate any copyright). In the other, number 11 stated that the Creator of the news may limit their distribution to aggregators in case of incorrect citation. The article was dubbed “tax exile”.

In the summer of last year the European Parliament voted against the reform because of the social stigma initiatives. The Directive was sent for review. Later, a report was published that stated that memes are derived from the operation of the law. European parliamentarians assured that memes and gifs are still freely available. However, they did not specify how it will determine what is a meme and what is not.

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