The girl stopped eating because of a rare disease


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A resident of the UK spoke about his rare chronic disease — eosinophilic esophagitis. Her words quoted by the newspaper The Liverpool Echo.

Aimee-Lee Smith (Aimee-lea Smith) of the English County of Merseyside since childhood suffered from a weak immune system. “I was born prone to allergic reactions. I was regularly taken for checkups to the doctors conducted a biopsy and endoscopy,” admitted 16-year-old Briton. At the age of ten years the girl was diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis is a chronic immune disease in which develops the inflammatory response in the esophagus.

In 2016, the health Smith deteriorated. The doctors diagnosed the patient tube through which her body received the food. “Feeding tube was morally difficult, it almost destroyed me,’ she recalls. — I became insecure. This had an impact not only on me but on my family.”

At the moment, Smith dispenses with the tube, but it continues every day struggles with the disease. “Every day I Wake up and suffer from acid reflux (ejection of stomach contents into the esophagus — approx. “Of the”) — added the Briton. — This leads to pain in chest and indigestion and heartburn”.

The Briton noted that Dr. long could not put the correct diagnosis, since the disease was quite rare. According to statistics, eosinophilic esophagitis occurs in approximately one child out of thousands.

In late March it was reported about the inhabitant of the British city Farham, Hampshire, who told about the disease, forcing her to eat unhealthy foods at night. The doctor said that the woman suffers from a rare eating disorder — night eating syndrome, usually striking women.

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