The girl stretched in the bed and has a stroke


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Natalie Kunicki

In the UK, 23-year-old girl pulled in bed and has a stroke. Her story tells the newspaper The Mirror.

In early March, Natalie Kunitsky (Natalie Kunicki) watched movies in bed and badly stretched. She heard a crunch in his neck, but didn’t give it a value. Girl who worked as a paramedic, went to sleep, but after 15 minutes I woke up from a sharp pain. She could not move his left leg and fell when he tried to reach the phone.

She managed to call an ambulance. Upon arrival at the hospital she had a CT scan. The showed that RF had a stroke. As it turned out, chrostowska neck seriously damaged the vertebral artery. Because of this in the brain a blood clot that triggered the stroke.

Kunitskaya immediately made the three-hour surgery to repair the artery. Clot the doctors to remove failed and decided that over time it will resolve itself.

When Kunitsky was diagnosed, she “lost the ability to experience any emotions” for a few days. The girl didn’t feel the whole left side of the body, but enthusiasm started to do gymnastics, it supported working in a hospital friends. Kunitsky paid training all the time, besides she had not health problems. So by the end of March she was able to partially restore sensitivity in hand and foot, and she was discharged home to his parents. Now she can dress up and walk without assistance for about five minutes.

The paramedic decided to tell my story to warn people about the dangers of crunching bones at any age. However, she added that the likelihood of recurrence of her situation — one in a million.

Doctors predict that full recovery will take six months to a year.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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