The head of the DNI changed her image



The self-proclaimed head of the Donetsk national Republic (DND) Denis Pushilin dressed in military style to the ceremony local security forces. This is his first appearance at a public event in clothes of this style, writes the Ukrainian edition “news of Donbass”.

Footage from a ceremony held on April 15, press-service Pushilin. Where exactly the event is not specified, but the head of the DND said that “happy to be here today, at the southern frontier” of the country.

Prior to that, the President chose to appear before cameras in civilian clothes — judging by the photos on his website, this is a classic suit and tie. His predecessor at the head of the DNI, the late Alexander Zakharchenko, on the contrary, was a well known fact that almost always was dressed in the military.

Denis Pushilin, one of the creators of DND, has officially led the self-proclaimed Republic on November 20 last year held elections there. Prior to that, he spent two and a half months was the acting head of the DNR, replacing the post of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Trapeznikov, who led the Republic within seven days after the death of Zakharchenko in Donetsk on August 31.

Ukrainian authorities believe Pushilin criminal, he included in the sanctions lists of the USA, EU, Canada, Switzerland and other countries.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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