The pilots dropped all passengers at the airport and flew away without them


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The pilots of the easyJet plane made an emergency landing, and then flew without passengers. Reported by the Daily Mail.

A few hours after departure from London Gatwick airport they had to deploy the plane and put it in the Port since runway in Lisbon was closed.

After a successful landing at the Port all passengers were asked to leave the plane to refuel it and prepare for the departure to the destination. However, after five hours of waiting tourists reported that their ship was on a plane to Lisbon without them.

“We arrived at the airport [Porto] and sat there until, until someone said that our plane had already departed without us in Lisbon. Everyone was shocked. Then they were taken to Lisbon by bus”, — told one of the passengers Frazer Rendell.

The airline representative apologized for the incident and commented on the situation. “Unfortunately, a flight delay led to the fact that the crew exceeded the limit of working time. In this regard, we gave the passengers vouchers for refreshments and transfer to Lisbon,” explained agent easyJet.

Earlier in April, the liner carrier Scandinavian Airlines, which was supposed to fly to Florence, landed in Bologna due to a broken Navigator. According to the report of the airline, the route to Florence was not loaded into the navigation system of the aircraft and crew did not know how reach the designated city.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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