Treasure hunter found a priceless jewel of a medieval king of the field


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dukes / BNPS

In the English County of Lincolnshire kladoiskateli found a hat, a brooch, presumably, belonged to king Edward IV. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

42-year-old Lisa grace (Lisa Grace) found the jewel of the XV century, walking with a metal detector on the recently plowed field. According to her, the brooch was lying deep under the ground. The British cleared the dirt from the jewel and saw that it is perfectly preserved.

The woman got in touch with friends and, on their advice, took the brooch to the experts on Antiques. They came to the conclusion that the decoration may have belonged to king Edward IV, as is done in the form of the sun — his personal emblem, and in the center of the brooch is amethyst is a favorite stone of the monarch.

Probably the king of lost decoration in one of the battles of the War of the roses.

To find showed interest as private collectors and museums. The brooch is offered from ten to 15 thousand feet (842 thousand rubles to 1.2 million). It will be sold at auction in late April.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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