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Scientists at York University (Canada) suggested that the evolution of the human face due to the need for good social skills. About it reported in a press release on Phys.org.

Researchers believe that the survival of the people depended on the formation of large social networks. In such conditions, the most important was the ability to gestures and non-verbal communication. These factors, along with diet and climate affect the shape of the face of the modern man. Now people can Express more than 20 different categories of emotion, although their early ancestors did not possess this property.

For extinct species of humans were characterized by prominent brow, and Homo sapiens forehead is smooth with a distinct eyebrow, able to Express clearly distinguishable emotions. The faces of contemporary people are generally thinner, that has allowed to show empathy and recognition.

Partial reduction of the face also depended on the change of diet, when early humans learned to cook food. As a result, they reduce the need for long chewing, which led to the reduction of jaw muscles. This trend continued with the development of agriculture and emergence of towns with a large number of residents.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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