Arson Notre Dame considered unlikely


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Philippe Wojazer / Reuters

The fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame is most likely an accident. This was announced by the Prosecutor of Paris, Remy EITC, reports Reuters.

According to him, the investigation is inclined to like this version of the story, and there are no signs of arson Notre Dame. It is noted that over the investigation, which will be long and long, with 50 employees.

The case is underway under article about the unintended destruction of property. Already passed the first interrogation of the workers involved in the reconstruction of the Cathedral.

Previously on the restoration of Notre Dame in total pledged at least 460 million euros. Of these, 200 million euros is going to sacrifice French family Arnault, who owns LVMH group of companies. Another 100 million will give the family of a French businessman Pinault and oil company Total. The city administration promised to allocate 50 million euros, and the île-de-France is 10 million.

The Cathedral caught fire on the evening of 15 April. The fire destroyed a large part of the roof, spire and clock. Finally it was extinguished in the morning: night, the fire was still struggling with isolated pockets of fire. In the result of incident three persons suffered.

The presumed cause of the fire restoration work began a few months ago. Around the monument has been erected scaffolding height of about 100 meters.

The French President promised to restore the French Notre Dame de Paris. According to experts, it can take from five years to several decades.

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