Cords wrote a poem about the fire in Notre Dame


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Musician Sergey Shnurov wrote a poem dedicated to a fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Work on this topic he has published in his Instagram account on Tuesday, April 16.

The artist noted that “performance was a success,” and saw flowing lava and sparks the sculpture “a symbol of the changing milestones”.

The performance was a success,
As a symbol of new changing milestones.
The sculpture was dripping with lava
And sparks rushed up
With him taking that was
Clouds of smoke and fire.

In the second part of its work, the leader of the “Leningrad” explained that in terms of history of what happened — “garbage”, and the cause of PE, according to the singer, was “artist.”

While Cord said that society is shocked by the fire, and from the news of the burning Cathedral in the throat “stuck a lump”.

History whinnying Mare
Over what all this garbage.
Opened their mouths and pained from the grip of the soul,
The society has stuck a lump.
The artist case. Just better
He, however, could not invent.

The fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame took place on 15 April. The incident was destroyed clock, a spire and a large part of the roof. The fire was extinguished only in the morning of April 16.

Notre Dame Cathedral — Catholic Church in the centre of Paris, one of the symbols of the city. Its construction took almost 200 years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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