Destroyed by fire Notre Dame showed from the height of bird flight



There was a picture of destruction by fire, Notre Dame de Paris from height of bird’s flight. Panoramic photography has published a draft “Gigaram”.

The author of the shooting — project Manager Marat saychenko — launched drone over the Cathedral and called the resulting work “the Broken heart of Paris”.

www.vsyako.netThe whole gallery”Notre Dame de Paris on fire”to Continue Photo: Shutterstock 1/15

The footage of the clearly visible consequences of the fire that destroyed the steeple, lead, wooden roof and watch Notre Dame.

Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire April 15 at about 18:30 local time. The fire quickly engulfed the wooden structure is the last few months the Cathedral restoration was carried out. Firefighters managed to extinguish the fire until the morning of the next day. For a variety of opinions, the restoration of the Cathedral may take from five years to several decades.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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