Galkin hinted at xenophobia Sobchak the word about the perpetrators of the fire in Notre Dame


www.vsyako.netKsenia Sobchak and Maxim Gallipoli: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

TV presenter Maxim Galkin has reacted negatively to the publication of Ksenia Sobchak about the causes of fire in the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The incident she blames the General situation in the country. Galkin has left a comment under the entry, which Sobchak made the evening of April 15.

The journalist wrote that now in France to fire people it has become almost impossible, the taxes for successful people become too large, and “patronizing self-importance of” trade unions go on strike every week. This situation, according to Sobchak, “karmically connected” with the fire in the Cathedral that “all his views represented a blatant luxury.”

The journalist ended the post saying that in France now, “according to statistics, every fifth bears the name of Muhammad” and “masterpieces do not serve the mind that is unworthy of them”. This angered many subscribers Sobchak. “You show yourself ignorant, extremely narrow-minded racist that formed your opinion about “beloved France”, based on information from the Russian media”, — was indignant the user Vitalinad.

Who leave negative comments were Maxim Galkin, who considered the statement Sobchak unfair. “People take to the streets to protest when they see that their power is not respected, and boutiques smash always when a lot of people go uncontrolled. But most do not go to smash. And again, criminal negligence where there are fires, has neither nationality nor religion,” wrote journalist and TV presenter.

Sobchak has expressed an opinion about the fire not only in Instagram but also in your Telegram-channel “Bloody lady”. She linked the fire with the fact that France is a “left” policy and complained that Paris became worse due to the rats, the homeless, and radical tolerance.

The fire in Notre Dame began the evening of 15 April and was extinguished only the next morning. Destroyed the spire, part of the roof and watch, but some relics were rescued, in particular, the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ. According to various estimates, the restoration of the Cathedral can take up to several decades.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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